Natasha Prodan-Bhalla, NP

Natasha is an Adult Nurse Practitioner living and working in Vancouver. She graduated with her BScN from the University of Western Ontario and her MN/NP from the University of Toronto. She has worked as an NP in cardiac surgery, cardiology and women’s health and has volunteered with Doctors Without Borders in Sri Lanka. Her current practice focus is women’s health and includes leading a primary prevention heart program for women and working in a primary health clinic for marginalized women in the downtown eastside of Vancouver. She is currently working on her DNP from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and is an adjunct faculty at both UBC and University of Victoria. She is passionate about being an NP and the contribution all NPs can make to improve the health care system in BC.

Natasha is Vice-President of the BC Nurse Practitioner Association and a representative on the BC Coalition of Nursing Associations.

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