ARNBC Workshops and Webinars

Issues Workshop
The ARNBC Issues Workshop is designed to provide tools and tips to help registered nurses, nurse practitioners and nursing students develop the messaging and advocacy materials they need to identify, address and move towards resolution of an issue. By the end of the workshop, nurses and nursing students will have a greater understanding of:
• How to identify and advance an issue.
• The types of resources that can be used to research an issue.
• Tools that can be used to communicate and articulate an issue to colleagues, the public and decision and makers.
• How to identify key stakeholders and the varying levels of engagement.
• Social media tools to bring awareness to your issue.

Tweetchats are live Twitter events which offer an interactive space for nurses to engage in dialogue, usually moderated and focused around a topic.

Webinars are developed on a range of topics and members are welcome to submit ideas for and help facilitate webinars.

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