Sherri Kensall, RN

Regional Director - Fraser

Sherri has worked as a registered nurse in a variety of settings in the past 25+ years, primarily within the Fraser Health Region. Her career has spanned acute, community and academia as she has worked in medicine, surgery, nephrology, diabetes, cardiac, primary care and as a sessional nursing instructor. She strongly believes in the role of nurses as advocates for our patients and advocates for a system which supports nurses to provide the quality of care we are proud of.

For the past four years, Sherri has worked as a Clinical Nurse Specialist focused on system level changes spanning the region from Burnaby to Boston Bar. She also works casually as a staff nurse in hemodialysis in Vancouver to keep her feet firmly planted in practice. Throughout her career, Sherri has been a strong advocate for nurses and nursing practice and has promoted nursing leadership at the local and system level.

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