Maylene Fong, RN

Maylene Fong began her nursing career in critical care and is currently working in community health and primary care. She has worked in various roles as a front line nurse, educator, clinical nurse specialist, and most recently as a manager in community health, where she works closely with both nurses and health authority management to develop long-term, evidence-based solutions to existing and emerging issues.

Maylene is a strong advocate for nursing standards of practice and was a member of CRNBC's Professional Support Program for many years. She has been an ARNBC Director for the last two years.

Maylene respects the role that all three nursing organizations play in strengthening the profession. As an RN for nearly 30 years, she has seen firsthand the strength of nurses and recognizes that by working collaboratively for the benefit of the profession, nursing can and does achieve great things. Maylene believes it is essential for nursing to have a strong voice in advocating for the health of British Columbians, and that involvement makes change happen.

Maylene Fong is a Director at Large of the Association of Registered Nurses of BC.

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