Marcia Carr, RN

Marcia Carr brings an extensive breadth of experience and nursing leadership to advocate within the ARNBC Director at Large role. As a Registered Nurse for over 45 years Marcia has cared for patients, clients and residents from "womb to tomb", an experience that includes populations in obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry, adults and older adults within acute care, home care and public health. Marcia has brought her nursing expertise to roles as a faculty member and adjunct faculty at nursing schools across Canada. She has worked as a Director of Care, and with the Canadian Nurses Association, College of Registered Nurses of BC (CRNBC), BC Ministry of Health, ARNBC and CNS Association of BC in a variety of roles. Marcia currently works as a Nurse Continence Advisor and CNS in acute Medicine. Marcia is a recent recipient of the CRNBC Award of Excellence in Nursing Practice. Throughout all of these experiences, Marcia has been a dedicated, passionate and articulate advocate for the profession of nursing and would be an asset to the ARNBC board

Marcia is a Director at Large of the Association of Registered Nurses of BC.

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